Advocate Amit Gaurav started his practice in india in the year 1999 at New Delhi with intent to provide high-quality Legal Services to the clients for their resolution of legal problems.

Since 1999, he is serving to his clients with utmost care of their cases from District Courts to Supreme Court of India in all fields. he adopt cost and time effective techniques to get the best results. his client centric approach ensures complete satisfaction to solve their legal problems. he adopt innovative measures using technology at its best to effectively present the cases in all District Courts, all High Courts including Supreme Court of India. he undertakes drafting, filing and arguing all matters at all stages.

He pride himselves on his ability to provide best services to the clients with care, consideration, and dedication, as well as quality legal work. Following these standards, which contributed to his growth and loyal clients, however, he remains committed to the philosophy on offering personalized attention to his clients and enjoy established relationships which gives him work satisfaction.